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Rocky Mountain Oncology Center
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Personal and conversational tone

Custom photography of real patients

Embedded with video content

Organized to be easy for users


Stories provide hope. Our research found that the number one thing people want to see when researching a cancer treatment center is patient stories. And the number one thing they want to feel is hope. Patient stories allow viewers to virtually enter the journey while still being in the safety of their own homes. In today’s world, family members often live in other parts of the country. Video gives them a sense of “being there.” Connection is always important, but especially during difficult times.


A recent study found that 92% of college students prefer print books to e-books. There will always be a need/desire for print, especially informational content. Handing a brochure to someone or the act of picking up a brochure creates a sense of connection.


Rocky Mountain Oncology competes with academic medical centers in larger communities such as Denver and Salt Lake City. Brand awareness is crucial to creating the awareness that most cancers can be treated effectively without the physical, emotional and financial cost of traveling. Our campaign uses local voices to communicate an authentic message that builds trust.