Culver Productions | Finding the why
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We create content to connect your brand with purpose and
spread that goodness throughout your messaging

Focus on the why

Simon Sinek’s TED talk about the importance of focusing on why has been viewed almost 39M times. Obviously it’s a concept that resonates deeply with us. Some companies approach projects from the outside in. We approach our work from the inside out. We:


  • Get to know you so we understand your vision, strengths and challenges
  • Look for common themes that shape your brand, culture and purpose
  • Identify people who lead with humility, empathy, curiosity, and innovation
  • Connect with the human spirit’s desire to belong, contribute and be valued
  • Find your why and tell your story


It’s a fun and enlightening process for everyone involved because we approach our work with curiosity and enthusiasm. We want to bring out the best in everyone we meet, capture their passion and help our clients be more successful.

 Stories are the heart of content marketing

We’re wired to listen to stories and we’re wired to tell them. According to Forbes, 92% of all consumers wish brands would better communicate stories. Every person in your organization has one — you, your employees, your customers, your patients. And every one of your stories, whether told by a heart surgeon or a housekeeper, can inspire and influence others. Our job is to find and tell those stories.


We love videos and we’re not alone. Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube a day. YouTube is the second largest search engine. There’s no media better at evoking emotion. Videos make you a part of an experience – whether it’s sitting in a hospital room with a mother caring for a child with cancer or working on a barge in 10-degree weather. Videos let your customers, stakeholders, employees, leaders and patients tell your story in a way that is genuine, believable and effective.


Our goal is to make a difference in your company. We’ll help you build brand loyalty on the inside and out, raise money, recruit the best or attract new business. We start projects at the end … with a clearly defined outcome … and then we go about finding your storytellers. We ask questions, listen and watch. When themes emerge, we know we’ve found the heart of your story, your purpose. Culver Media began in 1985 and has focused on making a difference in organizations that make a difference in the world. What’s your story?