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about cp

Culver Productions tells stories that add meaning to your vision and purpose. We tell stories through captivating videos, and engaging print materials and web content.

Humans have gathered for stories since the beginning of time. We’re wired to listen to them and we’re wired to tell them. Every person in your organization has one — you, your employees, your customers, your patients. And every one of your stories, whether told by a heart surgeon or a housekeeper, can inspire and influence others. Our job is to find and tell those stories. They’re about the people in your organization and the remarkable things they do. Or they’re about your customers/patient/constituents and the remarkable things you do for them.

To be compelling, stories need to capture intellect but they also need to capture emotion. There’s no media better at evoking emotion than video. Videos combine the power of the voice with the power of pictures. They make you a part of an experience – whether it’s sitting in a hospital room with a mother caring for a child with cancer or working on a barge in 10-degree weather. Videos let your customers, stakeholders, employees, leaders and patients tell your story in a way that is genuine, believable and effective. Stories are great entertainment but our stories do more than entertain. They are designed to deliver results.

Our goal is to make a difference in your company. We’ll help you strengthen your brand on the inside and out, raise money, build awareness, recruit the best or attract new business. We start projects at the end … with a clearly defined outcome … and then we go about finding your storytellers. We ask questions, listen and watch. When themes emerge, we know we’ve found the heart of your story, which is the heart of your mission.

Culver Productions began in 1985 and has focused on making a difference in organizations that make a difference in the world. What’s your story?