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Shoot For The Future

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About This Project

In 2008 we produced a video for Vanderbilt about spinal cord injuries. We met a high school student who was in rehab for a C4, C5 spinal cord injury from a car accident, which meant he had no feeling from the chest down. This 17-year-old found a permanent place in my heart with his smile.


Fast forward to 2014. The Shoot for the Future board decided to change its mission from funding spinal cord injury research to funding educational scholarships for people with spinal cord injuries. We needed a story. We found our smiling young man, Ify Nonyelu


Ify is a perfect example of the power of one person. He inspired us to create a branding campaign that in turned inspired the board to double the amount of money raised and almost triple the participation at the annual clay shoot.


Shoot for the Future needed a story to tell. We found one, and together, we’ve created a new story.