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Donna Culver

Donna Culver

I never in my wildest imagination thought that I would get to have the job that I have. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I don’t consider it a “job,” I consider it my life’s work. I’m a producer/director, storyteller. Over the years, I’ve worked with corporate clients like Ingram, DuPont and Nortel, been a principal investigator with the National Science Foundation, traveled the state producing videos for the Governor’s office, and most recently dedicated my talents and passion to improving healthcare. I love problem solving and finding ways to inspire people to share values, to work toward a common goal, to give to a cause.

One of the strengths of the work that we do is showing vulnerability – often it’s raw vulnerability. Listening to a mother talk about her child with cancer, a doctor who is trusted with someone’s life, a prostitute who has found her way. Each story touches a part of the human spirit — love and fear of loss, responsibility, hardship and mistakes. And each in its own way shows tragedy to triumph. These stories connect us to others but maybe more importantly, they connect us to ourselves. And isn’t life better when we’re connected.

I learned the hard way that I didn’t want to grow a large company. Running a company shifted my focus from meeting fascinating people and helping them tell their story to managing people and payroll and all of those things that kept me from real storytelling. Instead I’ve assembled a voluntary team of like-minded, creative, professionals who are committed to our purpose … to produce successful and powerful communications tools and make the production process an enjoyable and meaningful experience. We support each other mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m proud to introduce them to you:

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