Culver Productions | Memphis Lift
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Memphis Lift

Mission & Awareness

Memphis Lift is an innovative and inspiring movement by parents and for parents to improve the quality of education for poor minorities. 55 of the lowest performing schools in the state of Tennessee are in Memphis. Children attending these schools read below grade level, perform poorly in math and graduate with “certificates of attendance” rather than a high school diploma. There are sad stories of students who are in 9th, 10, 11th grade who cannot read or write their names.


Memphis Lift intends to change that. These passionate and dedicated grassroots movement is knocking on doors, bringing the community together and demanding change. They are showing up at school board meetings and legislative sessions with parents in orange shirts. Through 10-week fellowships, parents learn the state of public schools and advocacy skills. They learn how to use their voices to make a difference.


We embraced this amazing group of people and they embraced us. We are honored to be the ones chosen to help them tell their story through video, photography and the web.